Resilience Week Results

Oct 1, 2020

Since January, families have received over $105,000 in financial support from Claire’s Army, covering more than 168 requests for mortgage, rent, utilities, transportation, gift cards, and even funeral expenses.  

Thanks to every corporate sponsor, auction donor, committee volunteer, and individual donor, we raised $161,000 during Claire’s Army Resilience Week! We will continue SERVING FAMILIES, LOVING KIDS, and FIGHTING CANCER because of YOUR generosity. 

One of Claire’s regular sayings was, “I got you!” When one of us would pick her up from the hospital crib, she would squeeze us tightly and assure us, “I got you”, even though we were the ones holding her.
Claire’s Army is committed to assuring these dear families and the providers who care for them, “We’ve got you!”

Thank you Meg Walters, Kirsten Gibson, Stephanie Hannah, Melissa Klingberg, Lauren Palmer, Stephanie SimonKim Wiles and our volunteers who rallied to keep the party going this year, despite a pandemic. 

Thank you Bo Thompson for sharing your passion, expertise, and positive energy with us – your voice and reach grows Claire’s Army and allows us to serve MORE families in bigger ways.

We are honored that each of you made the choice to support our mission – by donating, recruiting a friend, and sharing our story.  Your gifts will ensure that every local patient and family facing childhood cancer knows they have an Army behind them.



Kevin & Sara Fox