The Army goes forward.

The Army is you, it’s me and it’s our community.

When Claire was diagnosed with cancer, our personal community acted. They acted in big ways with financial support and with meals. They also acted in small, meaningful ways bringing by baskets of goodies, sending cards, posting words of encouragement on CaringBridge and so much more. We literally could feel prayers surrounding us like a warm blanket on a cold day.

One day early on in our battle, we were on our way from the children’s hospital to the surgical suites for Claire’s tumor to be biopsied. It was our first big event in the treatment process and we were terrified. Many of our family and friends were with us as we made the long walk from one end of the hospital to the other. One of our friends looked back and then looked at Claire and said, “ Wow Claire you have a whole Army behind you.” From that day forward our friends, family and supporters were known as Claire’s Army.

Looking back now, we understand that we were the exception to the rule. Most families don’t have Armies, and even if they do, they are not as experienced and organized as this one. We have been to battle once and now we are prepared to do battle for others.

With your support we can use this vast network to fulfill needs that every newly diagnosed family has. We will do it in love, and we will do it simply because we care.

Please pledge your support and join the Army today.