Who Is Claire?

Claire Elizabeth Ratliff is a beautiful little girl who lived life for the precious moments that make each day special. Her short life was all about loving others; she had a special knack for finding her way into your heart. Though she left us at 2 years and 4 months, she somehow understood what was important in life: unconditional love and caring for all those around her…


Claire's Army Logo. Serve Families. Love Kids. Fight Cancer.


Claire’s Army strives to act as God’s hands and feet for families fighting childhood cancer by supporting their daily responsibilities, allowing them to put time and focus on their child.

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Approximately 200 new families will face a childhood cancer diagnosis every year in Charlotte, NC. There are also 75+ families who have been fighting cancer for over 18 months. To make a difference, Claire’s Army will provide each family with a Claire Package, deliver custom ordered dinners 5 nights a week and pay bills on behalf of families who are suffering financially. To learn more about how you can help…


If you are a local business in Charlotte and would like to align your organization with us by helping families in your own community, Claire’s Army is simply asking you to do what you do best. If you are a service-oriented company that can fulfill a need for these families while they care for their sick child, we can use your help. To learn more about supporting our mission…

When our toddler was diagnosed with cancer, we were thrown into an utterly unknown world of hospital living, sophisticated medical treatments and protocols. We were processing high stakes information all while trying to care for our very sick child and process the news ourselves. Claire’s Army met us in this time and space and brought us meals so that we could focus on our child and his treatment.

Jennings' Mom

Jake’s Story

Thank you so much for everything you've done to support both my family and me during my treatment (and even some after).  From gift cards to dinners, these gifts definitely helped keep some stress in my family down-which drives me crazy! It really meant so much.  And...



7th Annual Claire’s Army Gala

Every August we host the Claire’s Army Gala, our signature fundraising event, to celebrate Claire’s August 30th birthday. No one loved a party quite like Claire, and taking care of others brought her indescribable joy. That’s why we celebrate both her life and her...


Claire's Army Logo. Serve Families. Love Kids. Fight Cancer.

We will forever be grateful to Claire’s Army for their generous support during Charlie’s AML treatment. The dinner deliveries gave us something to look forward to, especially on the tough days. Some of our best memories of that time are when we’d sit around our little table with Charlie pulled up in his highchair, sharing a delicious meal, treasuring a moment of normalcy.

Charlie's Mom

Who Is The Army?

The Army goes forward. The Army is you, it’s me and it’s our community. When Claire was diagnosed with cancer, our personal community acted. They acted in big ways with financial support and with meals. They also acted in small, meaningful ways...

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