The Army Marches On

Oct 26, 2013


Hello Army. We are so honored today to have the privilege of announcing the next story in the Claire’s Army journey. In January of this year, Emily and I decided this would be our year of healing. While the sting of loss still resonates daily and deeply, we also know that standing on the sidelines of life is no place for us. Plus, this is not the way we raised Claire. We are now the bearers of an incredible legacy, Claire’s legacy, and we will carry it until we are all together again.

After a ton of prayer and thought, we realized that what made our fight with Claire so manageable was you the Army. Each of you played a critical role in allowing us to maximize each and every day with her. Because of your selflessness we now live with very few regrets looking back on that period of time.

Throughout our healing process we have spent countless hours in grief counseling. We have met one on one, as a couple, and in small groups with other grieving parents. It was in this process that we started to understand that every family does not have an army to help. One particular story will always stand out. A young family had been relocated to Charlotte by one of the large banks. They had only been here 36 hours when their son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. They had no friends, no family, no church or any other social connections in this city. Can you imagine?

Other families may have family and friends, but they could always use the additional support of an army.

We knew when we lost Claire that we would never stop fighting. We just did not know how. Now we do and we need you.

The idea is really simple but potentially powerful. Our mission is to support families in their daily responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their sick child.


  1. Consider how you can participate comfortably
    • What are your gifts and talents?
    • What is your capacity to volunteer?
    • Who do you know that could become a corporate sponsor?
  2. “Like” Claire’s Army on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ClairesArmy0830
  3. Never take for granted the minutes you have with your children

For additional information about how you can help click here.