KevinRatliffKevin Ratliff

Claire’s Dad, President, Board of Directors

Kevin grew up in Charlotte and graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian University. While Claire was in treatment, Kevin worked for Salvin Dental and received extraordinary support from his managers, team members, and clients. Roughly three years after Claire went to Heaven, he decided to make a career change into residential real estate so he could help others in Charlotte find the perfect place to call home and raise a family. Naturally, this transition occurred because of the special relationship he formed with Scott Pridemore, a family friend, mentor, and Claire’s Army supporter. Kevin now works with Scott and his team at Pridemore Properties.

Kevin updated the Army on a daily basis during Claire’s treatment and even after through his Caring Bridge posts. His main purpose in writing was to keep friends, family, and supporters updated, however, it became therapeutic for him and also provided hope for those who read his messages. During counseling sessions and interactions with other families, he learned that every family facing a childhood cancer diagnosis did not have the same level of support as the Ratliff family. He felt that no one should face this journey alone and wanted to empower the Army that supported Claire to continue in the fight.

When he is not working for his clients or Claire’s Army, Kevin loves taking his daughter, Sydney to the park, playing golf, and running.