Jason Murphy

Board of Directors

Jason Murphy is a father to 3 teenagers and 1 soon-to-be teenager.  When not in paternal referee mode in support of his wife Amy, Jason is part of the leadership team at Data Driven Safety.  DDS is a Huntersville-based data aggregation firm committed to using public records for the good of the entire public.  In furtherance of this mission, DDS has pioneered insurance underwriting, criminal monitoring, driver safety, vehicle history and healthcare cost containment services.  Professionally, he is most proud of his co-owners’ and colleagues’ desire to provide assistance to those in need — all while supporting DDS’s growth from a 3-man shop to a respected industry player.  In an age of privacy invasion and opportunism, DDS has amassed 11 years of experience ethically stewarding the hundreds of thousands of records it captures each week from thousands of individual governmental agencies.

Prior to realizing that starting a company from scratch without a business plan isn’t quite as easy or financially secure as motivational speakers make it out to be, Jason received regular paychecks for his work as a Mecklenburg County Assistant District Attorney and a Sector General Counsel for several Ingersoll Rand business units including Club Car.  Jason and Amy are both graduates of Duke Law.  Despite trying to distract her throughout their 3 years in Durham, Amy graduated with a higher ranking than Jason – a fact often used to settle marital disputes.  

The Murphy family enjoy both wearing Covid masks, spending time in the mountains where even pizza places refuse to deliver and the crushing isolation from human contact that has become the status quo.  After years of staying busy ferrying kids around, they were proud to have seen for the first time this spring Netflix’s “Are you still watching?” screen.  Now, much to their chagrin, that screen seems to pop up quite often these days.