Pridemore Properties Signs On As Corporate Sponsor Of Claire’s Army

Jan 27, 2014

In a recent meeting to discuss Claire’s Army and its need for support, Scott Pridemore, President and Broker in Charge of Pridemore Properties of Charlotte, said to Emily and Kevin Ratliff , “Guys, I’m in. Just tell me how I can sign up.” What is startling about this statement is that it came halfway through their meeting. Kevin and Emily knew Scott because he was their realtor and the husband of their Pediatrician, Dr. Laura Pridemore.

Kevin and Emily showed up to meet Scott feeling a little overwhelmed. They had what they felt was a great and meaningful concept to help Childhood Cancer families but they had very little substance. Little substance means no money, no website and no official 501(c) 3 status. They knew Scott had taken a significant risk to found Pridemore Properties in one of the worst real-estate markets since the great depression and that he embodied the word professional. They needed people like him to get the foundation from a dream to a reality. One of the things Kevin and Emily respect most about Scott is his honesty, and they knew he would tell them if he thought they did not stand a fighting chance.

So after only an hour of a two-hour meeting throwing out their concepts and desires to help, Scott simply stopped them and calmly said. “Guy’s, I’m in. Just tell me how to sign up.” He went on to say that he loved the ideas and the examples of the needs Claire’s Army would meet.

 Scott and the Pridemore Properties team pledged a generous donation to the Army, as a golf tournament sponsor, as well as an additional $50 for every real-estate transaction they close this year. In addition to all of this he is also willing to personally donate 8% of his commission back to Claire’s Army for anyone who uses him to buy or sell a home. This will also apply if you refer someone you know as well. Just remember to tell them to reference Claire’s Army.

If you or someone you know are looking for a realtor in the Charlotte market please consider Pridemore Properties they WILL earn your